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How do you play Old Skool Bingo?
We explain the rules at the event, so don’t worry about the rules until the day
Is there a dress code at the event?

No there is no dress code at the event, we recommend smart or casual

Old Skool bingo change venues
Yes we do events outside London and around the UK
Do you do Artist events?
Yes we do, they will be listed on our events section
Do Guests have to bring identification?
We recommend all guests attending to bring physical I.D, driving license or passport
What should I wear?
We encourage all guests to come in Smart Casual. We don’t allow sports trainers – only well-kept designer ones. Remember, you’ll be up and dancing so make sure you’re comfortable and ready to party!
Will my party sit together?
Of course! If you are making multiple bookings, ensure everyone uses the same Group Booking Name. This way we know who to put on which table.
What sort of music is played?

Well, we play the best of Rnb, commercial hip hop, old skool, Slow jams and more. 

Is there a sitting area in the venue?
We do not have a seating plan at the venue, we recommend all guests to arrive with their groups. This allow guests to engage with different groups and make the event more fun.
What type of prices do we offer?

We select prices that suit the brand, so everything is to suit the Old Skool experience

If you are unable to attend the event?
We dont do refunds for tickets however you can check if you can move the ticket to another date, but this must emailed 2 weeks before the event.
How long does the event last for ?
The event goes on for 3 hours
Does the event supply food?
Yes the event does supply food via the venue it is in.
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